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Blog Post #6 Dear Michelangelo

Dear Michelangelo,

I have been on this journey for far too long. My legs ache and my head spins. I lost my left eye last week. An enemy mortar landed only a few yards in front of me and the angry shrapnel kissed my left eye. My human spirit is longing for rest. My fellow classmates are either dead or lost. Weeks ago, before I was on my own, we had heard rumors of a great virus sweeping across the lands. Legend has it, this virus killed the “10 Minute Show” beast as well as it’s intimidating companions. Nonetheless, my dear Michelangelo I write to you with great hope. For I write from the bed of a medical tent among friendly allies. They have informed me I will be returning home to complete my mission with this new technology called…”The Internet” we are to finish our missions via…”Online”. I cannot wait to lay my eyes upon your sweet face and the faces of my family. To sleep in my own bed. To laugh with my friends. To finally taste freedom, once again. I am coming Michelangelo..I am coming.

Yours Truly,

Caleb McCasland.

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