Lighting Experiment Blog Post #4

Shot 1: The first shot is a close up of a dwarf hammer with natural lighting. It is positioned slightly off center and touches the lower right vertical axis from the rule of thirds. Upon close inspection, the natural light grazes down the right side of the object with light beaming through the window. DueContinue reading “Lighting Experiment Blog Post #4”

Blog #3 Dear Michelangelo

Dear Michelangelo, I am starving and cold. I am tired of watching my friends die in the most painful of ways. Our most recent fight occurred as follows – “GET DOWN!” Explosions rippled across the dark forest floor as Alyssa urged her fellow classmates to take cover. We were surrounded. None of our recent trainingContinue reading “Blog #3 Dear Michelangelo”

2nd Blog Post (Dear Michelangelo)

I still don’t feel much structure or purpose with these blogs. I don’t have a strong sense of direction. I know I want to include valid information in terms of what I have learned in class, but simultaneously, be entertaining. Okay I’ve got it. This particular post will be as if I am writing toContinue reading “2nd Blog Post (Dear Michelangelo)”

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